Hard to say im sorry

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Hard to say im sorry

This story is actually a true part of my life, of course, I have changed some details but most of it is as it happened.

I was 20 years old, had a great boyfriend, Antoine, was his name.
He was tall and handsome, brown hair and green eyes. He really was a sweetie.
The kind of guy a girl can do very /crazy/">crazy stuff over.
However, that does not change the fact that I cheated on him? here is the story.

-Next up is Melanie who is going to sing ?Crazy? shouted the karaoke guy.
Therefore, I went up there and sang that stupid song to please my friends? I enjoyed singing but in my shower not in a bar with many people in it! Anyway, once it was over I went back to my table with my cheeks red as wine.
-You were great, Melanie! My /friend/best-friend/">best friend Annie told me giving me a pat on the back as I sat down.-I guess, I replied, but please don?t do that again ok?
-Yeah, yeah I wont, she then said with a smile of her pretty face.
There we were talking and having fun when he came in.
The most /gorgeous/">gorgeous man I had ever put my eyes on (since Antoine!).
He was short, but muscular and he had the prettiest smile.
I thought I remembered him from somewhere, but just could not remember from where.
-Hey Annie, I asked my friend, do you know this guy? Does he seem familiar to you in any way? Look there. You see him?
-Sure! That?s Stacey, you know the guy from /gym/">gym class in college?
Wow then it hit me! I remembered. Stacey! He had changed a lot since college. He was saying hi to the people he knew, xxx sex video download free com when his eyes crossed mine. Time just froze. Our gaze met. He said a silent hello to Annie and me and carried on talking with his own friends. I could not take my eyes of him. You see Stacey was not you?re average guy. He?s a marvellous black man with a lot of charisma,
And wonderful little dimples when he smiles. And, if I may add, a nice tight ass.
To say it straight he is a stud and he knows it. However he knows how to be a gentleman about it.When he finally gets to my table to say hi he says
-Hey sweetie, long time no see!
-Yeah its good to see you Stacey, you remember Annie don?t you?
-Hey you! How are you?
-I?m good thanks? Annie replies with a smile.
-So are you girls having fun? And he looks around then adds , Melanie, Antoine is not here with you?
-No he is not, he?s working. And I just had to put my attention somewhere else for a moment he was troubling me a lot with his presence here. Back in college, I had a huge crush on him, some say it was pretty girlish of me but hell, a crush is a crush!!
-Mind if I sit with ya?ll for a while?
-Not at all. I said simply, trying to control the rest of me!!
As the evening past by ( somewhat faster that usual) Me and Stacey talked a lot about what went on in our lives since college. At one point the dj puts a song on. ?Hard to say I?m sorry? interpreted by kc-and jojo.
Stacey pops out of his sexxxx video ful hd chair and hands out his arm and says;
-You want to do dance?
-Sure, why not, I tried to look detached but in side, that was a whole other story.
As he leads me to the dance floor my heart was pounding like crazy.
He pulled me close to him, in a way that I had my mouth close to his neck.
He smelled so good, and his arms felt good to on my body.
-You want to know something Melanie?
-What. I said softly to his ear.
-Back in college, I had the biggest crush on you. All petite and so /cute/">cute.
-Huh huh. Not mentioning that I had one on him too.

And then we just danced, I was holding on to him like I never wanted him to let go of me. And in fact that was exactly what I wanted, him not letting go.
The rest of the night at the bar was a big blur after that. At one point I yawned and looked at my watch..
-Oh god its getting late guys, I better leave , I?m working tomorrow.
-Ok, Annie said, be careful out there.
-I will, bye Annie.. and Stacey . I smiled at him , Thanks for the?
-Wait you don?t think that I?m going to let you leave by yourself do you?
I?ll give you a ride home.
?oh my god? I thought to myself
We got into his car and drove for a moment without saying a word.
-Stacey, I said carefully, You know that I?m in love with Antoine right?
-Sure, why? He said focusing on the road.
-Well, honestly I am attracted to you ? I have dreamed about being with you, I mean .. being with you ? asking my self what it would be like to spend a night with you and I cant get it out of my mind.
-Wow, heum , I don?t know what to say, I mean its nice that you think of me that way but what about Antoine? I?ve known him ever since I can remember it be like?i betrayed him if I ever did that with you.
-I know, and that?s what makes this do hard to say this to you.

.He stopped the car. Sat back, and then turned his head my way.
-Come here, come next to me.
I did, and even tough the thought of Antoine did not leave my mind, it felt great being cuddled next to Stacey.
I wanted him? desired him, every inch of his body I wanted to kiss, caress and love? even just for one time, I wanted to make love to him, having him inside of me feeling his body close to mine.
As if he heard my toughs he took my chin in his hand, lifted my head up and gave me the sweetest kiss.
-Lets not think Stacey ok? Lets just take this as it comes?
I raised my self and took his head in my hands and kissed him back , so softly that if his lips had not been so hot I would have wondered if it had even happened.
-Ok ?
He ran his hands in my hair, I remember the touch of his hands on my head, soft and warm .. he kissed my forehead and made his way down and at the same time taking my clothes off. As was I.
What I found underneath his clothes ? a man so beautiful. Soft dark skin I kissed him on his peck went down to his stomach , pulled down his boxers , and found his fully erected cock popping out. God that was nice! I pressed my lips on the head of his member slowly kissing it, and licking it.. feeling it touching inside my mouth, as he moaned.
I continued licking, and giving head to this marvellous cock that was his, and getting more and more hot for him, I took my other hand and started massaging my clit with it, and the fact that he was moaning gave me even more pleasure, so I went faster to keep him from stopping moaning. I had to leave my clit alone for a while ? so with my new free hand I caressed his balls while giving him head, wich made him scream even louder.
It came to a point when I could not endure it any longer, I came just by hearing him scream out of pleasure.
Then he stopped me, laid me down on my back pulling my panties to my ankles, kissing me from them and up to my waist.. I felt His tongue was hot when he gently put it down on my already erected clit. ?oh? I moaned softly , As his tongue was licking my clit.
-Oh baby he said ? I want you so /bad/">bad ?
-Then take me Stacey. I said not wanting to wait any longer.
And he did. He put his fact cock in my /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt?pounding and pounding ?
We screamed in sync. He was so good . I could feel every inch of my body just trembling with lust and passion as he made love to me .He was so close that I could feel his warm breath on me. We made love for a long time when he said
-Im cuming baby , and he collapsed on top of me happy and satisfied. As was i.
After a while, we put our clothes back on. He kissed me and we hugged for a long time.
I knew that this was never going to happen again. He drove me home, and we never talked about it ever again. But I still can feel his breath on my neck when I listen to that song we danced to??..