A Whole Fun Night at the Farm Part 1

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
A Whole Fun Night at the Farm Part 1

**Just to let you people know! All my stories are 100% real except the names! (but scarlet’s (star’s) name is actually her name! and this was before I met Star! Stories about her and I will be up soon!

Not my best story it’s a different layout than I did the last one in. so email me at [email protected] and tell me if you liked it!**

****There is like 3 parts to this! And I PROMISE! That I will post the rest this time!!****

*** PART 1

’Let’s get out of here’ I said with a wink to my boyfriend James
James catches my wink and takes my hand and we go outside to take a walk.

We were at our friends Crystal’s house for a /party/">party on her farm, it was pretty awesome if I do say so myself!
Since we were on her farm we thought we would walk through the field full of hay, you know, those field with the big round’ hay bells, I wanna call them??

As we were walking through the doors we bumped into Luke; crystal’s boyfriend.
’Hey you guys! You not leaving yet are you?!’ said Luke
’Nah we thought we would walk through the field over there’ James said, pointing at the hay field, and winked at Luke.

Luke caught the wink and smiled ’ You kids don’t get into to much trouble’ He said and nudged my shoulder.
I laughed and we made our way to the field.

We were walking down the field and it was pretty dark out but the lights from the house and barn left enough light for us. So we walk with his hand around my shoulders and mine around his waist with my hand in his back poket.
Just to let you guys know, My names Melinee, I’m 18, bi, boob length brown hair a blue streak in it (supporting pancreatic cancer) , 5’3 and a D cup breasts. I was wearing ablack lacey bra, strapless Tight blue tanktop, black /thong/">thong whch acsents my ass nicely and dark blue short short’s.

’So what do you want to do?’ I asked james in my sexy voice,
’Well I thought we could play checkers out here for a little while’ James said taughnting me

I hit his but gently ’I was thinking something like this’ I said giving a deep and passionate kiss.
’ mmm I guess this is fun too’ he smiled.

We go behind a hay bell and layed on the ground, with him on top of me. First it started gentle then we started kissing more roughly and I could tell he was getting horny because his /boner/">boner was pressing against me.
I started to rub his dick through his pants and he moaned in the wwwxxx my mouth.

’Like that do you?’ I chuckled
’mm’ he said and got his hands under my shirt and he pulled it off.

He reached behind me without breaking the kiss and unhooked my bra, he broke the kiss and started sucking on one of myboobs and massageing the other.

Mmmm I moaned, while unzipping his pants. He got up taking off his pants and boxers and stood there and said ’ Like what you see hun?’
’come here’ I said

And he went back on top of me again.
We went back to kissing and he slide a hand down my pants and into my panties

’ ohh your wet hun!’ he stated, and put two fingers up my pussy.
I screamed in surprised but started to moan.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I rolled so I could be on top of him, I slowly moved down so my mouth was leveled with his boner and slowly I took his head in my mouth and licked around it a couple times and slowly went down and down untill Ii couldn’t put anymore in my mouth and I started to deep throat him and he was moaning like /crazy/">crazy so I think I was doing my job ;)

After 10 mins ’I’m going to cum’ he moaned, so I sucked and went faster and faster until he cummed in my mouth, I gulped every last salty drop of cum in my mouth

’yummy’ I said and he round and pinned me to the ground and took off my thing and pants and kissed me on the mouth, I kissed him back and he shoved his tounge in wwwxxx my mouth and I wrapped my tounge with his for a little while then he moved down to my breasts and kissed them and slowly moved down to my soaked pussy and shoved 2 fingers up it and started living and nibbling my clit.

Oh my god I was in heaven I was screaming and moaning like crazy


’UHH IM GONNA CUM’ and I cum all over his fingers and mouth and he licks it up good and is back to kissing me. He nibbled my ear and said ’turn over on your hands and knees’

I did what was asked and stuck my nice plump ass up in the air waiting for his long thick 9’ cock he didn’t give me any warning and just shoved it up my pussy deep and hard and just thrusting hard holding onto my hips. The way I like it

I was moaning like crazy when I hear from James ’what the fuck?’ I turn my head back and I see Luke naked and behind James and kissing his shoulders and neck!!