Pornographic Haiku Graveyard Shift

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Pornographic Haiku Graveyard Shift

She came to Kopies
a shortish redhaired vixen.
I helped her with things.

Her nipples were pert.
Her shirt was quite revealing.
Her right breast, tattooed.

It came to be three.
My coworker went for food.
Only we remained.

She asked me for help.
Her computer did not work.
I was paid to full hd xvideo download help.

I sat down to look.
I could not see any wrong.
"What was it doing?"

"Computer is fine.
Its me that needs the helping."
"Huh?" is my response.

"What were you thinking?
I wear this shirt for nothing?"
She sits on my lap.

"Security cams
watch over the computer.
Perhaps the bathroom?"

She free porn movies download stands up to go.
Her nipples at eye level.
"Are you too afraid?"

How could I resist?
"Just saying." I manage out.
"Good." She leans foward.

She kneels over me
her knees just fitting the chair.
She locks lips with mine.

Tongues searching, hungry.
Exploring foreign moistness.
New tastes converging.

My hands reach beneath.
The loose shirt concedes the way.
No resistance there.

My fingers reaching
the hands feel what eyes have seen.
Feel it pulled away.

She takes off the shirt
Our lips parting for fabric.
She shifts higher, then.

My tongue explores her.
My lips brush lizard tattoo
lick accross nipples.

Hir small frame leans back
Pulling me closer inward.
She pushes me back.

She gets off the chair
gently unzipping my fly.
Removing my pants.

She sits on counter
opening her denim skirt.
Nothing worn beneath.

"He might be back soon.
If you want me, do it now."
Like I would say no.

I stand up and look
at the halfway dressed vixen.
Feel the groinal swell.

I waste no more time
in reaching for her moistness.
Parts interlocking.

Lips entwine once more.
Kisses made hungry with sex.
Tongues locked in fierce duels.

Her moan reacehs through
a dull roar through conjoined lips.
Soon, I come as well.

She lies back in bliss,
her breasts once more pressed foward.
Her held in my arms.

"Thank you," she says then.
She sits up, arms around me
and kisses my cheek.

Then she slides from me,
her whispy shirt on once more.
She walks out the door.