My Fantasy About Another Writer

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My Fantasy About Another Writer

Erotic fiction!

It has taken me months to get the money together, but I finally have what it takes to fly to your town in England. I have my passport, my luggage, and everything, and I am wondering whether you will enjoy the accomodations at the hotel suite that I have reserved.

I meet you at the airport, just as we had arranged, and we kiss for the 1st time, with my mouth engulfing yours in a lock, tangling my tongue with yours, as we exchange saliva. I look into your eyes, not caring if they are blue or brown, but only that they show your passionate desire to serve me and please me- your wish to be my slave.

As we get into the taxi, and head for the hotel, I continue to make out with you, seeing how much you seem to long for it as much as me.
We have to hurry in and check the reservation, but once we have the room key, and we open the door to the suite, I know that you will be ready to satisfy our mutual need for your submission.

We undress quickly, and then I take control, saying, "Girl, you've wanted me to dominate you, and now I will. It's not too late to back out, of course, but I think that you want to go ahead, don't you?"

You nod your willingness to comply with my commands, and I order you to join me in the shower. I begin to wash your whole body, getting it soapy and wet, as well as turning you on with the attention to your flesh. It is such lovely, smooth skin, too, and I cannot help but want to pamper it, giving it real "TLC" (tender, loving care). I gently massage your breasts, buttocks, legs, and back. I even kiss the back of your neck, and then I move downward, planting kisses further down your spine, exciting you with the contact, while I approach your ass. 

I tickle your tailbone for a second with my nose, and then I begin kissing your crack, slipping my tongue in between your cheeks, and "Frenching" your bottom. You ache with pleasure at the exquisite caress of my mouth, as my lips connect with your hips, and my spit slips into your sphincter. I get lower and start to move my lips and tongue toward your cunt, slipping the latter into your vagina, while the former kiss your labia. I commence a full-scale pussy-dining session now, eating you out with eagerness, but taking my time, not in any hurry to stop the assault on your nerve endings.

I bokep sma pecah perawan keep my tongue licking the expanse from your clitoris from your tailbone, moistening you up further, and then I slowly insert each of the fingers of my right hand into your rectum in turns. This really works on your hypothalmus, the pleasure center of your brain, and you start sighing your delight at my penetration of your sphincter, while my other hands begins to finger your pussy, again in rotations of pinky, index finger, thumb, etc. 

You are beginning to you are going to die or at least faint, since my mouth is working those regions not affected by my fingers, and the stimulation is overloading your circuits. As much as you love it, you know that you have to cum soon, or this attention will kill you with excitement. Finally, mercifully, your pussy gives out, soaking my fingers, and I start licking them. I then stand up, and stick them in your mouth, so that you can taste your own juices. You suck them off gratefully, and then I lower you to your knees, instructing you, "Okay, girl, it's time to pleasure me, as I pleasured you."

You eagerly reciprocate, placing my cock inside your mouth, licking a bit with your tongue, and slobbering on it with your saliva. It was already semi-erect from the joys of eating you, and now you are tasting me, so it is stiffening with urgency. You begin to deep-throat me, making me harder still, as I fuck your face with gusto.

The look in your lovely eyes makes it certain that you genuinely want to thank me for my attention to your body, and to show yourself as the cock-worshipper that you really are at heart. Your service to my manhood continues expertly, as old waman xxxgx you slide your mouth over the extent of my dick and back, until I am on the verge on /ejaculation/">ejaculation. I am not ready to shoot off in your mouth, however, so instead I order you to get on all fours and prepare to take it doggie-style.

"Come on, slave, fuck me back as I fuck you!", I command you, wanting plenty of friction from your cunt, as I gradually speed up from the initial gentle probe of your pussy to a full-fledged penetration of your womanhood.

I ride you energetically, and happily, for a good hour, keeping you in that "all fours" position for a long time, as your knees weaken from the combination of my entry and repetition of the same, and your inevitable fatigue. I know that I had better get us both off soon, so I really start to pound your pussy harder, slamming you as fast and vigorously as possible. A few final thrusts, and I cum, not in a single stream, but a series of sprays, filling you to our mutual satisfaction, and making your own orgasm impossible to avoid. In moments, we are exhausted, as you recover from the orgasmic earthquake you have just experienced, and we retire to bed for the night, to rest up for the next morning's delights.

(See part 2 for the anal and disciplinary parts.)